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Nathan Tsivlin
what a place!!
so nullitchka congratulations muito bom and salut!!! im sure everything you´ll touch will turn to good.
If your going to germany or to erfurt or just thinking of taking a holiday do it in the presence of this woman -alexandra anecker -she will make sure your holiday is tip top shes kind sweet, beautiful what else would you want in a woman ohhh yeah the hostel is nice as well!!


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nicht schlecht. kann gut sein, dass ich tatsaechlich mal reinschaue, was soll denn ne Nacht im DZ kosten?
Auf jeden Fall viel Erfolg damit und mit deinen anderen Projekten.
Ich flieg erstmal in ein paar Tagen ueber New York (Freundin besuchen) nach Thailand, meinen Divemaster-Schein machen. Diesmal bin ich aber auch nur 1 1/2 Monate weg, zumindest denk ich mir das so...
Mach's gut! Stephan

ricardo amazonas
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hola torsten,

todo buono ?

desde venezuela,
mucho suerte con tu hotel opera
si llega un dia en erfurt yo espero que tu me invita .

aqui todo es en los nubes con amor y malabares

un abrazo, pedro pajarito


tambien puedes ver en los archivos de varias meses.

Michael Hanschen
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Good luck with that man, what a good idea! I am still in China, moved to
Qingdao on the coast. Working for a real estate comp. and going to school
for chinese. Anyway, good luck and i will be sure to stop in next time i am
in germany!

tanya orchard
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Hi Torsten

Sounds like a fantastic plan! Would love to come and visit one day.
Connor and I are moving to NZ in 2 months so lots to do here also.
Will stay in touch and let you know where we are, hope all goes well.

Guten Nacht.

Tanya and Connor

Princess Red
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wow! great news! congratulations, mr d!

you are amazing at everything you do and you are such an inspiration, even
across all these oceans and time zones.

love from here, to you there.

ms rouge

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Grund mal nach Erfurt zu kommen
hey hoert sich gut an,
hast mir foermlich die idee geklaut,:)

aber weimar ist ja so weeeeeeeeeeeeit weg.

wuensch viel erfolg!!!

gruss aus buenos aires


klaas & elke kooij
Hi, Congratulations with your new venture.
Perhaps you can offer our cruises to your guest as well, they have to pay themselves for the trip here.

Kind regards,

Klaas & Elke

kameel jabbour
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hi Tortsen, its great to hear from you and about you, am very happy for you and hope to be in your hotel soon with my family. All the best, Kameel

Yvonne Duck
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Great to hear from you
Just wonderful to hear from you again Torsten.Your new adventure sounds exciting congratulations. I will have to save my money and visit you. Pat (my sister) was just asking me if I had heard from you so now I can tell her what you are now doing.I have entered Jason's new email address so you can send him your news.Just great to hear from you love and hugs Yvonne
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